Payment Options:

Through the Etsy online shop, the following payments are accepted:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Etsy Gift Cards and more.

Through this website directly, Historica prefers Direct Deposit.

PayPal is available as a last resort for International Buyers only. Regrettably, it will incur additional fees (varies by final value amount).



As Historica is not registered for GST collection, no GST is being charged (on the item price itself). If in doubt regarding your business or tax implications, please consult independent financial advice.



All prices are in $AUD unless otherwise stated.


Customs and Overseas Taxes:

Should an item be sent overseas, customs forms will be completed truthfully and will not be marked as ‘gift’ or undervalued. Please do not ask for this as refusal often offends. Historica is not responsible for the calculation or collection of overseas customs fees or applicable taxes.