I get asked a lot of questions that aren’t necessarily covered in the policies. Here are some of the most common:


When was Historica established?

Officially – December 2014. The idea had been floating around in the back of my mind for a few years. I’ve been trading privately since the late 1990’s.


Where do you find your items?

It’s a mixed bag really. Deceased estates, auction houses, secondhand shops offer great options. But I confess I also check out hard waste collections and even old farm tips.


Is there anything you won’t sell?

Honestly, no. As both a student and lover of history, I personally believe that history cannot and should not be cleansed or manipulated to suit personal or modern beliefs. I make no personal judgement on an item – who owned it, where it came from, its subject matter, who buys it or why. It’s simply not my place.

So yes, I do sell; furs, antique ivory, firearm related material, nudes, censored material and more. Most of these are sold either through auction houses or via this website as they are prevented by numerous laws in other countries from being listed on sites such as eBay or Etsy. It’s vital that you know the laws in your country regarding such items before purchasing.


Are you able to find and purchase an item for me?

I’m always happy to help find that item you may be chasing, attend auctions or purchase from wholesalers on your behalf. Generally, my fee for this is 20% of the final item fee.


Are you happy to negotiate?

Absolutely. While not every item can have a flexible price, I’m happy to discuss any query. Just email me.


Is Historica registered for GST?

As Historica is not registered for GST collection, no GST is being charged (on the item price itself). If in doubt regarding your business or tax implications, please consult independent financial advice.