Formally established in 2014, Historica is the confirmation that the owner is completely mad about antiques!

I started buying and selling antiques and collectibles online way back in the Go Fish days! Officially, I moved onto eBay in 2001 and have been going ever since. Most recently, I created a new business Etsy account and am now trialling Etsy as my preferred online shop. I also sell via local auction houses and privately.

Historica is not my full time business; I’m a mum, wife and student. Currently studying History and English at University, I now get the joy of both studying and working in my passion areas. I’m a bit of a geek and mad about Scotland, so you’re bound to see collectibles in those genres pop up as they catch my eye!

I say this a lot but it’s something I’ve come to truly believe after so many years of being told what was right or wrong about my tastes; your taste is your own. I believe that antiques and secondhand items offer us the ability to be unique, to be green, to save (or even invest) money. There is no right or wrong and once you bring those things into your life that you love, that you feel an emotion with, you become happier. And what better thing could we hope for?